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Information for Event Organisers


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A Guarantee of Quality

Your event needs to run smoothly and your audience need to get what they came for.

I guarantee:

·        A completely professional approach 

·        An entertaining and informative experience for your audience

·        A guarantee that audience members will gain immediate, valuable take-aways

·        A speech precisely tailored to your audience and business, with relevant stories and examples

·        Full pre-event and post-event support

·        No hidden extras or nasty surprises

·        Arrival ahead of time for pre-event discussions, networking and sound check

·        Sticking precisely to the time allotted

·        A post-event review


Standard Introduction

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome John Stapleton, the Authentic Entrepreneur – turning Uncertainty into Competitive Advantage”


Standard Contract

You can download my standard contract for speaking engagements by clicking the button below