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John feels passionately about Brexit – but not in the predictable way, either as a Leaver or as a Remainer - but rather as an Entrepreneur and Businessman. John believes businesses who prepare adequately for Brexit can develop a Competitive Advantage – over those who don’t.

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When it comes to Brexit, almost everything is uncertain and unclear. Unfortunately, this can suggest to many that we can’t prepare until we know everything. As Entrepreneurs, leaders of SMEs, and large-scale businesses, it can be tricky to anticipate change and take proactive action to future proof our businesses, particularly when the post-Brexit business environment remains so unpredictable. However, there are many business elements we can evaluate, prioritise and for which we can plan a course of action. 

Small businesses, in particular, need to understand what they can do and what they need to do now to mitigate Brexit risks and take advantage of opportunities which will clearly present themselves. Despite the lack of clarity, failing to prepare for a post-Brexit world is tantamount to preparing for failure.  

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In order for SMEs to prepare for a post-Brexit world effectively, there are 5 key business areas they should evaluate:   

Currency Volatility (both taking advantage of and protecting against)

Product Innovation (including “Brand Britain” and “Product Substitution”)

Protection of Staff & Skills (EU-origin staff)

Tariffs & Customs (scenario plan) 

Location (mitigate disruption and cost)